Wedding Entertainment Ideas for 2021

So you have your Venue, Planner, Wedding Dress, Menu, Stationary and the list goes on booked, but have you considered your wedding entertainment? Oftentimes, couples are comfortable proceeding with just a DJ or Band for entertainment but we highly suggest livening up the mood with additional entertainment and there are a world options to choose from to really make your day unique to who you two are! By keeping true to yourselves and the things you love, it seamlessly ties in special touches that add to your unforgettable affair!

Here are our top picks for must needed and highly recommend wedding day entertainment…

Ballet Anyone

Black Ballet Dancers

Professional Ballet Dancers Alexandra Hutchinson & Derek Brockington

 Celebrity Artists

In the past our clients have hired Live Artists to serenade their spouses in their favorite songs during their first dance or as a surprise during the reception when the party has started. It really is a beautiful touch and is definitely memorable to all guests. These artist must be booked as soon as possible as their schedules are filled rather quickly, they also do not cost as much as you may think, but if they have a Grammy, prepare to spend $$$$$$!

Custom Curated Cocktail Service

Flair bartenders will never go out of style, especially when the cocktails perfectly complement your libation tastes and personality!

Mixologists are also an excellent addition to your vendor team as your guests will be able to share an experience that is typically only provided at a few luxe spaces. It’s one thing to go to a restaurant and choose a drink off of a menu from a Mixologist that the restaurant hired, its on a whole other level to have a Mixologist specifically curate a bar menu for your guests to experience according to your wedding menu and personal taste.

Trust that it is an out of this world experience you and your guests will never forget!


Flair Bartender

Flair Bartender



Interactive Games

Do not shun from the fun! You can still have fun at a wedding during or post pandemic and these games are how…

Outdoor Chess


Bottomline… don’t be afraid to be different or think outside the box, as long as your entertainment represent you, your spouse and your guests will love you for it




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