Wedding Day Communication MUST HAVE!

So, we all have those family members who are never, and I mean NEVER on time. But you want to avoid walking down the aisle and hearing the door behind them open so they can be a part of your wedding day ceremony. As a Planner, I simply lock this door so no one can enter after the bridal party! (Yes, I take this moment very seriously) However, there is a new company called HEARD which allows you the capability of sending text messages to all guests for every aspect of your big day.


You can actually send text messages in groups for each event! So, those late family members have no excuse for being late and they will get a friendly reminder day of, to keep them on track!

This App Helps To Avoid This!

The way I would set this up for you is by creating Groups for each of your events to ensure only the guests you intend to invite receive those messages! Even better you can set and forget it, the messages AUTOMATICALLY go out, so no one is behind the scenes day of your wedding worrying about this!

Even better, all of our Clients will receive a 40% discount!

Check out this video to see how it all works!


If you are interested in using this service and you are one of our clients, we will set this up for you but we need you to add every guests’ phone number into AislePlanner under your guest list. Once you confirm this is complete and have purchased the correct package from Heard based on your guest count, we will handle the rest for you!

Enter this code in checkout: AMEC&D2021

What is costs for Wedding Day Guest Communication Perfection:
$40 for 75 Guest Weddings
$60 for 150 Guest Weddings
$80 for 300 Guest Wedding

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