As we are all learning to navigate this new normal in the beautiful world of Weddings, we would like to share our top picks for 2021 outdoor luxury ceremony inspiration!

Once you have chosen the perfect location to compliment your love story, next up is figuring out the decor that speaks to you most!

Ceremony Arch Floral

This is full on “Wow Factor”! If you’re a Glam Girl, this look is a must!

Every step down this aisle is a magazine ready shot!

Grounded Floral Arch

This design is currently on trend for 2021 and costs just as much as a typical floral arch so be mindful of this when requesting a quote from your florist!

Our favorite florist for this is Cape Lily based in Hudson Valley, NY. Sylvia the owner, is a creative design genius, she can best help you accomplish this editorial worthy look for your wedding ceremony!

Aisle Lined Floral

An aisle lined with floral is one of the most inviting entrances for your guests and it photographs so well!

Non-Traditional Ceremony Seating

This look is also on trend for 2021!

It gives a sense of intimacy to your ceremony space while still giving the “Glam Effect”!

End of Aisle Floral

This is an excellent way to enter your ceremony and exit as it also photographs really well as it frames your guest seating! This is also a great way to modernize the traditional wedding look without going “too far” away from that classic outdoor ceremonial look!

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