Our Favorite Wedding Decor Trends for 2021

Weddings are such a personal experience and we’ve created this list to inspire your wedding day “Wow Factor”. Our faves are categorized to give you a better view of how they can be included in your wedding day decor!

Our goal is for you to walk into your Wedding and never have seconds thoughts about what you could or should have done

… it only happens once!

We begin with one of our most recent memorable experiences, designed by Akeshi Akinseye for the Munaluchi Coterie Award Gala at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort in the Bahamas!


One key element to “wow” your guests is creating a grand entrance which sets the tone for your event!

This event took place for Wedding Professionals around the world to network and learn “what’s new” in the Wedding Industry worldwide! The anticipation up until entering this ballroom was unbelievable because this entrance was so grand!

The Grand Ballroom doors opened and guests (myself included) walked upon thousands of rose petals adorning the floor, sparklers went off and it… was…fabulous!

These petals were also used by guests for slow mo videos, by throwing them in the air! No filter needed!

Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate this into your wedding:


Imagine bringing the outdoors within your event space by using trees to align your ceremony aisle, guest tables, guest lounge space or escort card table.

It’s happening…


We’re seeing oversized flowers placed in bouquets, guest table centerpieces and accent floral throughout the space!

Don’t be afraid to be bold with color, blush and white color schemes are simply overdone! Scale down on the size of the overall bouquet but use larger flowers, see below what we mean.

On Trend



This is not a new trend however the designs on the wraps are becoming more and more ornate and intricate. If you want to tie all the pieces in the room completely together, this is one of the most cost effective ways to transform your event decor.


From custom menus, unique escort card layouts, glam bars or a pre-wedding photoshoot, upping the decor ante is endless!

Custom Stationary

Unique Escort Card Layout

Glam Wedding Bar

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot



Wouldn’t it be cool to snake your guest tables around the room or swap some of your guest tables from the traditional round or rectangular tables to mirror, circle or a unique table size to add dimension to the space?

There are so many ways to keep up with tradition, your floor plan doesn’t have to be one of them!

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